FÄLLER, 2010, 2013

FÄLLER is a gravity toy travelling down the ramp and ground. It has an unique mechanism to make the toy move for itself by using gravity, transferring potential energy into kinetic one. Not only is the FÄLLER an excellent toy, its action also demonstrates a variety of physical forces and principles.
I devised a series of mechanical toys related to my building project, toy factory. The toy is devised and printed in one piece by using SLS(Selective LAser Sintering), which allows multiple moving parts to be operated in one piece. One of innovative achievement of the toy project is links can be made to digital fabrication facilities around the world. It means the toy can be manufactured and sold immediately as sending one digital file to all around the world from the Bartlett. This idea will make disruption in the field of achitecture and even other business sector.

Thanks to : Justine Goodyer, Matt Shaw, Nick Westby, Gregor Anderson, Richard Roberts and Professor Stephen Gage

FÄLLER! from Hee Park on Vimeo.